Before you start: remember to disable any extensions on your browser that block pop-up windows if you have problems installing the Metooo app for Zoom

If you have problems managing your Zoom meeting via Metooo, or if you cannot connect your Metooo account to Zoom, or if you cannot manage the functions of Metooo for Zoom, we recommend you read the following points.

Problems creating a Zoom meeting via Metooo:

  • Verify that the Metooo for Zoom add-on app is installed correctly. Follow the instructions in the article “Installing the Metooo app for Zoom”
  • If you want to change the dates of your meeting on Zoom created through Metooo, you must directly change the dates of the event on Metooo
  • If you don’t have a Zoom account yet you can create it by clicking on “Connect to Zoom” in the Metooo ticket as shown here, and then click on “Sign-up” in the Zoom window

Problems using all the functions of Metooo for Zoom

  • To use all the functions that Metooo offers for managing Zoom meetings through the add-on app, the Zoom account must be a Zoom PRO account.
  • Otherwise it is still possible to use the Metooo add-on app to manage Zoom meetings, but it will not be possible to manage the list of participants by automatically transferring the data of the participants from Metooo to Zoom to allow efficient management of present and interventions.

For further requests relating to the use of Zoom via the Metooo add-on app, or if you need further specific support, you can write to us at the email address:

The methods and response times are the same as those specified in the Metooo General Support section.