Attending a Zoom meeting via Metooo in very simple, just few steps:

  • buy the event ticket on Metooo (from the page of the event you will attend);
  • wait for the confirmation email with the link to participate in the online meeting and click on the link, or go to the “my purchases” section in your account on Metooo and click on the link of the ticket you have just taken to participate in the meeting;
  • if the meeting has started you will log in (event time) you will automatically log in to the client to attend the meeting;
  • if the meeting has not yet started, you will find a notice and you will be transferred to the Metooo event page (the one from which you took the ticket to participate);
  • from the event page you can access the meeting link again to participate (at the scheduled time).

You don’t have to install anything, just your browser (Safari, Chrome, FireFox) and your internet connection.