You can create four types of tickets:

  • Free tickets. There is no cost for purchase, and it’s ideal for admission of guests to any kind of event.
  • Fixed rate paid tickets. The organizer sets the price for the tickets, and the price is the same for anyone who purchases. For these tickets, the organizer can create one or several Discount Codes that allow a reduced rate for the ticket – if inserted in purchase phase – flat rate or percentage, upon choice. The fee to be paid to Metooo is included in the ticket price.
  • Flexible amount paid ticket. The organizer can collect donations for no-profit events or for events in which the guests can pay whatever amount they want. In this case, the option to create Discount Codes is disabled.
  • Merchandising. You can sell branded products related to your event. You can insert, for each product, a photo, description and additional information.

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