Metooo is a self-service digital platform that helps you create, promote and manage a personal event, a business event or a non-profit event, either with free admissions or paid tickets.

With Metooo you can build a web page for your event and personalize it with all dedicated modules, you can invite your contacts by email, you can manage sales and guest registration, you can view stats and do the check-in of your guests with the dedicated app.

You can manage any kind of event with Metooo, be it a private or public event, be it a personal, corporate or non-profit event.

If your event is public, it will be visible from the dedicated app, to be easily purchased and shared.

With the PRO version, you can manage the invoicing of your sold tickets, automatically create badges for participants, and have an event page and RSVP invites without the Metooo logo.