You can create an email contact list by selecting the icon “Contact lists” in the left side menu of the creation/modification page of your event.

You can choose to import your lists from your MailChimp account, or to manually create your lists by selecting “create new list”.

Insert the name you wish to assign to the list (i.e. “VIP Contacts”) and click “Continue”. Now you have three possible ways to create your list:

  • Manually add each address. Write the name and email address of the contact you want to add, and click the “+” icon to save the new contact. Repeat the process with each contact.
  • Import your contacts from Gmail. Connect your Gmail account to Metooo and automatically import all your email contacts in the list you have just created.
  • Import a CSV file. If you have a database with your contacts, export it in CSV format (text file with a comma separator) and import it in the list that you’ve just created.