Metooo allows you to collect your guests’ billing information, in order to be able to issue an invoice for the purchased ticket, if required.

All you need to do is to create a new data collection form, and name the fields with the desired labels (i.e. Company Name, VAT Code etc.), and then attach the form to the ticket you created, indicating needed fields as mandatory to fill in. This way, when purchasing the ticket, the guest will need to provide all the required information.

To create/use a form: when you create the ticket, you can select the “add a form/ choose a form/ create a form” field in the ticket creation screen, and add it to the created ticket.

The collected information can be exported, for external management, using the same procedure as for the export/management of the info collected from users who purchased the ticket, be it free or paid.
All the sales invoices are manageable within the event Orders area.