Metooo allows you to manage the storytelling of your event, before, during, and after it took place.
All you need to do is to enable the storytelling function from the “Event options” area, in the menu that you will find on the right side of the event creation page, by choosing the “Wall” link.
By enabling the Wall, you’ll be able to share posts containing text and photos on a dedicated page having its own web address. You’ll be able to use this page separately from the event page, and you’ll be able to reach it also by using the Wall link on the event page.
You can choose whether to make the Wall public, or to only make it visible to those who participate in the event.
Participants in the event will be able to send their own posts. You’ll be able to moderate the posts before publication, and then to organize and publish them.
This way, the Wall becomes a story that you and your guests create together, to be used as a digital memory or to be shared as a press kit.