Metooo PRO allows you to manage the invoicing of the tickets you sell on Metooo. You can easily collect the fiscal information of the participants and automatically produce sales invoices, containing the fiscal fields that you previously selected.

To collect the fiscal information from the participants, use the Order form, that you can find at the right side of the event edit page.

To configure your company’s fiscal information in the invoice, go to “my profile” and choose “invoicing”. Here you can create an invoicing profile by filling in your name (or your company name), address, tax ID, and the type of tax (such as VAT) to add to the invoice. Also here, you can select the event to that you’ll add the invoicing profile to, and, by doing this, your fiscal information will appear in every invoice that you will issue for that specific event.

Sales invoices can be viewed and managed from the Order summary of your event.

You can access the Order summary in two ways:

(1) on the “my events” page, go to the event icon, click on the three dots at the lower right side of the icon, and choose “Orders” from the menu that then opens;

(2) on the event edit page, click on the “view orders” option near the name of the ticket