When you sell tickets to your event, the participant fills in a form with his/her name, last name and email address.

However, you might want to gather further data such as: profession, or phone number, or ask a question requiring an open answer. You can do all this by choosing from a drop-down menu, or you might be interested in an explicit confirmation of some of the information, such as the refund policy or the dress code, or simply the acceptation of his personal data treatment.

In this case, you can use the “order form” function, which can be reached from the menu on the right side of the event creation page.

You can easily compose a form, by selecting the type of information to collect among the available options, you can personalize the field labels, and you can attach it to the ticket.

The information you collected can be exported through a procedure similar to the one you use for collecting the billing information of your guests, and this way you can manage the information outside Metooo as well.