When you make a ticket available for sale, you have the option of whether to enable or not the function that allows the buyer to make purchases for him/herself. This can be convenient for speeding up the buying process, especially for those events for which you don’t need to know the personal data of each of the participants, and a faster buying process would increase ticket sales.

On the contrary, you may want to collect data from each participant, even for a group of tickets that were purchased by one participant. In this case, it is possible to indicate a different end user, a person which is different from the person who made the purchase, all you need to do is to fill in the personal information of the end user in the purchase phase. This way, even if there is one purchase order, each ticket will be made out to a different person, and you’ll be able to collect the data of each participant.

Tickets purchased this way will be sent to each end user’s email address, as they were filled during the purchase phase, and they will always be available inside the personal area of the buyer, and in the event organizer’s “Orders” area.